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The MicroFire Warrior III HID flashlight is the top of the line in hand-held HID (High Intensity Discharge) flashlight technology. Using a 35 watt HID lamp, driven by a rechargeable Lithium Ion polymer battery with miniaturized electronic ballast, the Warrior III produces up to 3500 lumens of extremely bright white light.

Physically larger than the other Warrior models, the Warrior III produces a penetrating beam of intense light with a spread adjustment 5-24 degrees. The rugged, water and dust-resistant unit is CNC machined from aerospace-grade aluminum with a black, hard anodized body and non-slip hand holds. Optional rubber drop protection sheath protects the Warrior III from damage if dropped onto a hard surface.


Output / Runtime: 3500 lumens @ 50 minutes
Battery: K3S built-in rechargeable battery pack, 3000mAh
Bezel diameter: 76mm
Body diameter: 44mm
Length: 215mm
Weight: 720g
Available Light includes two batteries and and a battery charger with each Warrior III flashlight kit.