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FauxFloTM features a breakthrough in integrated control capabilities with its built in “PowerLineDimmer” LED driver. This driver provides smooth dimming from 5% to 100% and is controlled with standard, 120V AC incandescent-style dimmers.

FauxFlo has no warm-up time and is lightning-quick to respond, making it great for lighting effects such as “f ire” or “bad-fluorescent.” Of course, it is also flicker-free to camera allowing high-speed operation without “strobing.”

FauxFlo can be installed into nearly any 4-foot housing WITHOUT modif ication of the f ixture. Its patent-pending inactive pin design allows you to use the two standard pins at each end exclusively for mounting the lamp. Electrical power is provided with the integrated pass-through wiring harness.

FauxFloTM is available in Color-CorrectTM 3200K or 5600K variations and currently operates at 120V AC only