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The K5600 BUG-LIGHT design offers so many possibilities it is tempting to ‘stick it’ in almost any optical system one runs across. One obvious and popular device is the ETC Source-4. This elegant design of a pattern and Gobo projector has showed up in various applications and is widely accepted throughout the entertainment industry.

The BUG-A-BEAM Adaptor is the part that makes the mating of a Source-4 and our Bug-Light 400 or 800 not only possible but quick and easy. The 400 (or 800) MSR/HMI lamp offers many advantages in this particular application, its 6 mm arc gap is punctual enough and very well suited for such optical design. The 4 to 1 efficiency ratio of HMI versus Tungsten incandescent explains the two full stops gain.

Available sends our Bug-A-Beam systems out with a 750W ETC Source Four Leko. You can choose from any of our traditional lenses: 19, 26, 36 or 50 degrees, or we also have 5 and 10 degree specialty lenses.