Photoflex HalfDome

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The narrow profile of the HalfDome® is great as a hair light for group portraits or getting sleek, elongated catch lights in product photography.

It’s also a space saver when shooting in tight spaces. Easy to shoot over when used as a foreground light.

The HalfDome is designed with a white interior. Removable interior baffle and diffusion face allow for high-contrast lighting in seconds. Removable Strip Mask is included with each HalfDome for a narrower light source.

Available Light carries both the HalfDome: small and HalfDome: medium. Specifications/options are as follows:

HalfDome: small
Face dimensions: 10″ x 34″
Depth: 17.5″
Weight: 2 lbs
Fabric grid options: 40 degree

HalfDome: medium
Face dimensions: 16″ x 52.5″
Depth: 23″
Weight: 3 lbs
Fabric grid options: 40 degree