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Chimera’s unique OctaPlus Lightbank design delivers big, bold, beautiful light.

Everyone loves using Chimera’s OctaPlus Lightbanks—especially the patented OctaPlus 57! It’s an amazing 7 ft. octagonally-shaped Lightbank that converts to a 5 ft. version. It’s like getting two Lightbanks in one!

OctaPlus Lightbanks have soft silver interiors, which create a highly efficient and even light spread with rounded highlights. And they’re all compatible with continuous source lights up to 1,200 watts. Just remember, OctaPlus Lightbanks require an OctaPlus Speed Ring. And if you need more directional control with your OctaPlus Lightbank, take advantage of Chimera Accessories like Fabric Grids and Stretch Frames.

Each OctaPlus comes complete with:

Lightbank body
Eight poles
Graduated removable internal baffle (OctaPlus 5 and 57)
Carry sack
Standard screen
Available Light carries the OctaPlus 57 (5FT with 7FT expansion kit). Dimensions are as follows:

OctaPlus 57
Diameter: 60″, expandable to 85″
Depth: 18″, expandable to 27″

Available Light offers the following HMI and Tungsten lighting options for the OctaPlus bank:

OctaPlus with Joker (HMI): OctaPlus 57 is sent out with Joker Bug Ring for use with single Joker 200, 400 or 800.

OctaPlus with Four Jokers (HMI): Octaplus 57 is sent out with Multi-Bug Adaptor for use with four Joker 200’s, 400’s or 800’s.

OctaPlus with Halogen Lamp (Tungsten): OctaPlus 57 is sent out with Triolet Mogul Base for use with 500W, 1000W or 2000W bulbs.