Briese Focus 85

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When the lamp is extended (spot position), there is a narrower beam angle with a highly intense, strongly defined illumination. If the lamp head is retracted (flood position), there is a wider beam angle which creates a diffused, very evenly spread illumination. There is an infinite range of adjustability between these two positions, whereby the luminance remains consistent, achieving a light efficiency far beyond that reached by conventional lighting engineering.

The focus 85 competes against the sun. It puts off a gleaming light with deep shadows. It is a lot like the Downlight, but not quite as harsh. The focus 85 is ideal for portraits that require movement in the best light, for example sunglasses or summer cosmetics.

The Focus 85 is compatible with the H2 (2K Tungsten) lamp head, as well as the 1.2K (HMI) T4 lamp head.

Available Light includes a Full and 1/4 diffusion with the Focus 85, along with all the other necessary accessories.