Briese Focus 140

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The focus 140 reflector is often described as an all-around reflector. With a manageable size of 140 cm, it can even be used to create whole-figure portraits. The focus 140 represents genuine flexibility.

The focus 140 provides a similarly detailed and crisp light, much like the focus 115. It is a real all-arounder. Good for portraits but also for group shots and whenever space is of no relevance. It’s inventor, H.W. Briese, says of this reflector: “If you have it, you’ll never lose.”

The Focus 140 is compatible with the H2 (2K Tungsten) lamp head, as well as the 1.2K and 2.4K T4 lamp heads.

Available Light includes a Full and 1/4 diffusion with the Focus 140, along with all the other necessary accessories. We also offer an optional 1/2 diffusion, as well as 30 and 50 degree fabric grids.