Briese Focus 100

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The focus 100 reflector stands for true brilliance in the portrait sector. Its large aperture range ensures flexibility during the entire shoot. The focus 100 is not only admired by portrait photographers but is also extremely practical in the field of stills and food.

Compared to the “Beauty reflector” focus 77, the focus 100 creates a much more vigorous light. With the focus 100 you can sift out details, animate surfaces or accentuate wrinkles in weathered faces. Good for the illumination of larger scenes.

The Focus 100 is compatible with the H2 (2K Tungsten) lamp head, as well as the 1.2K and 2.4K T4 lamp heads.

Available Light includes a Full and 1/4 diffusion with the Focus 100, along with all the other necessary accessories. We also offer an optional 1/2 diffusion, as well as 30 and 50 degree fabric grids.