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Litepanels introduces the first LED Fresnel that’s ideally suited for today’s cutting edge broadcast work. The revolutionary daylight-balanced Sola ENG provides controllability and single-shadow properties inherent in a Fresnel light, but utilizes just a fraction of the power of conventional fixtures.

Based on popular requests, we are pleased to announce that a major new feature has been added to our revolutionary Sola ENG Fresnel LED light Kit. Litepanels has added the ability to operate the updated Sola ENG LED Light on both battery power and now A/C power (with the included A/C adapter).

Like all Litepanels, Sola Fresnels feature instant dimming from 100% to 0 with no noticeable color shift. Plus the Sola ENG offers beam control of 50º to 15º. Designed for on-camera or stand mounting, the Sola ENG provides manual focus and dimming control via camera-like erganomic controls. Output is fully flicker free, and remains consistent even as the battery voltage goes down.

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