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The LEDGO LG-R320C Bi-Color Shoot-Through Flood LED Ring Light has raised the bar for portable location lighting. With a 95+ CRI rating and unparalleled light output, LEDGO LEDs offer superior performance and light quality in any situation. Lights with a low CRI (Color Rendering Index) rating can leave you with dull colors and poor contrast, but the high CRI of the LEDGO line of lights means you will always get accurate color representation.

The flood-style design makes the ring light easier to look at than traditional projector-style LEDs. This is important, since this light is meant to be used close up to create shadowless images for natural, eye-catching shots every time. The large 12" shoot-through diameter allows for larger cinema lenses and mobile devices, and creates a wider, softer light spread when compared to lens-mounted rings. With a 120-degree flood light spread, and 4,373 lumens producing 696 Lux at 1 meter, it is anything but dim!

Use this flood-style light with the included spring handle and attach to any floor stand, or use handheld with the integrated handles. Add to any standard video rig with the included 15mm rods and camera plate, allowing you to place the lens of your camera through the center of the ring.

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